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Your Choice Live-In Care Alliance

a real alternative to a residential care home

Benefits of Live – in Care

  • imgDo you want to stay in your own home
  • imgDo you want to stay in familiar surroundings
  • imgDo you want to be near your pets
  • imgDo you want choice and control in your daily life
  • imgDo you want to stay connected to your friends and people you like
  • imgDo you want to maintain your active lifestyle
  • imgDo you want one to one contact care when you need it

The Alliance – About Us

We all want to stay in our own homes for as long as we can.
The Alliance is an established group of local care providers in Oxfordshire that can offer a real
alternative to care in a residential care home.
Together we have 150 years experience in delivering care, caring for over 1000 clients per
Our aim is to deliver a uniform standard of high quality care, and by cooperating have the
to deliver care by trained staff when you need it.

All the care you need in one place

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