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Your Choice Live-In Care Alliance

a real alternative to a residential care home

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is important that the live-in carer has their own room, with use of a bathroom and kitchen facilities.
It is preferable if Wi-fi is available to allow the carer access to the internet.
Normally, the carer would prepare food for the client and eat with them. If this is not suitable, alternative arrangements are available.
All tasks will be agree at the initial assessment, and set out in the individual client care plan. It should be kept in min that the carer is not a nurse, and will perform tasks that would be reasonably be expected of a family member.
No, we offer a fully managed service. The carer will be directly employed by us, we will be responsible for tax, national insurance, holiday pay and pensions.
This will vary by arrangement, however, we would not expect a carer to work more than nine hours during the course of a day. They are also entitled to a break of 3 hours each day, during which, depending on the client other arrangements for cover can be made.
We will provide continuity of care with another carer to cover the holiday period.
This will depend on a client by client basis. Access to a car is preferable as this will enable the carer to take you out on shopping trips, visits to social events, or even to the doctor if required.
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